Join us for the 2nd Annual Whitestone Brewery Charity Golf Tournament benefitting Unlikely Heroes

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The Passion

We call ourselves Whitestone not just because we’re located on Whitestone Blvd. in Cedar Park.  This stone has been a signature of the community, which is what we strive to be as a Brewery.  The stone is engrained in everyone’s lives, whether it be from the house they live in, the place they work, and now the beer they drink.  We care about the people and relationships we make and our personal happiness comes from finding the common thing that brings us closer together, almost like a family.  Naturally we chose beer as the vehicle for that!

We’re passionate about beer, sure.  But it’s really the conversation and experience that results from the beer that we’re passionate about.  Our team is a diverse mix of personalities which is why we like to brew a wide range of styles and profiles with the beer we put in your glass.  We never want to limit ourselves and will always have a deep respect for craft and those expectations that come along with it.  As we mature as a company our goal is to be as respected as the pioneers in this industry who took the lumps, fought the good fight (and still are in many cases) and ultimately paved the way for a company like Whitestone Brewery.   

Our true passion is to give and serve, which is why we have a deep respect for those who serve for others.  All of us at Whitestone have charities that hit close to home that range from Cancer research, to children in need, to animal shelters just to name a few.   We invite you to come out, throw your feet up and tell us what matters to you…..with a beer firmly in hand of course.